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Welcome to Eat Stay Live – travel guide for couples, solo female travelers and adventure travelers.

Hi, Im Sommer, an Australian native. I have traveled to 53 countries and have lived and worked in 6 countries. I’ve been traveling for 10 years, living a nomadic life-style and still managing a career and a business at the same time.


You will see from this blog, I have had extraordinary experiences and have done an exceptional amount of travel and met great people along the way. I balance work and travel as I have created this lifestyle.

This blog is your essential guide how you can have these experiences and live this lifestyle. A guide how you can combine travel and work, allowing you to get the most out of life and each new destination.

What you will get from this blog:  Insider travel guides, travel tips from experienced travelers. By joining this travel community you will be the first to receive exclusive travel offers and be the first to know the latest travel news.

Travel and new experiences are the new way of living and are now the new ‘goals’. Gone are the days of waiting 2 weeks a year to travel. We are having mini-breaks on the weekend, staying in hotels and dining out more frequently than ever before and  the travel industry is flourishing with travel websites like Trip Advisor and Air b’n’b taking over the world!

There was a recent New York Times article I read on the plane from Los Angeles to Budapest that discusses a future without jobs. We live in a time where many people earn a living remotely.

Is this your dream? Would this be possible for you to do-work remotely and travel anytime, anywhere?

If YES: This blog will help you in your quest to combining work and travel. If your answer in NO: Enjoy 5 minutes out of your busy day to learn about a new destination and city and start planning your next escape!

This blog has something for every level of traveler.


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