90 days in India

local children India
Local children welcome with a smile in Badami India

I thought I had seen the world. I had traveled to more than 50 countries and walked through more than 100 cities in my 31 years. I didn’t know why I waited so long to travel to India. India had shown me that I had seen nothing. I knew nothing.

This thought may seem daunting  to some, not to me, to me this thought was comforting. I had previously thought the world to be a very small place. India had shown, a seasoned and experienced traveler, that the world was a huge place and we are incredibly small.

India has been the most varied and unique country I have visited. India feels like 10 countries already, and so far and I have barely even seen a few States.

This morning I was within arms reach of 2 male Asiatic Lions. No fence, no zoo just lions being wild and free. The feeling was unforgettable. In the past week I have lived on a house boat in Kerala and slept anchored next to a 9th century sculpture of Buddha, I watched elephants roaming wild in Kabini, cycled through lush green tea plantations, explored 7th century temples and visited the ashram where Gandhi once lived and led India to political independence.

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Prior to embarking on this 90 day journey through India I had spoken with many fellow travelers, including Indian expats about my trip. I was taken aback by the negative feedback I received even from Indian nationals.

I was shocked at how people described India. I was lectured by fellow travelers who had warned me about stories of rape, violence, disease, malaria and whole host of other ‘problems’ when traveling in India. I can recall one conversation I had with a photo journalist in Hawaii who had traveled to India, Afghanistan, Iran and many other places off the beaten tourist trail. The photographer, who was in his late 60’s had experienced more than most people do in two lifetimes. This journalist actually tried to deter me from this trip.

I’m questioning why I had not made this journey earlier.

While I am not denying that its important to have your wits about you when traveling, and have personal safety in mind, I feel that India is and has been very misjudged and is often met with suspicion and negativity by the media. The media focuses heavily on the negative and in my opinion does not show the whole story of India.

While I am traveling through India filming a documentary series, I am having a truly authentic experience living with locals here in India. I hope after this journey to share my India story without prejudice.

For a great list on some of the best things to do in India: read my India Travel Guide

I would love to hear from you, if you want to add to this list!

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My journey through India took place a few months ago. Most posts on this blog will be post in real-time and will be updated as I am traveling. As I was filming a documentary while in India I kept notes on my travels and often lived without wifi so kept an ‘old-fashioned’ diary. I will be uploading my diary entries to this blog.

A lady washing her clothes in Badami wears my glasses
Backwaters of Kerala filming documentary
Temple in Hampi being blessed by an elephant
Backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat
Camel Trek
Camel Trek Rann of Kutch India
Bhuthanath Temple_reflection
Bhuthanath Temple, Badami India
Male Asiatic Lion Gir Forest, Gujarat, India
Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad India
Sabarmati Ashram Ghandi display Ahmedabad India
Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad India


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  • Even though I have lived so near I have never veitisd it perhaps its time… earlier during my growing up times I never liked Gandhi… perhaps I understand his philosophy a bit better now and maybe I need to visit this place to get more perspective..

    • Rodrigo, I would definitely recommend visiting the Sabarmati Ashram. It may change your perspective. I really enjoyed this part of filming the documentary. Thanks for your comments. I hope you check back for more on 90 days in India

  • I absolutely love your documentaries especially Backpack! You’re extremely amazing . All the best for your future ventures.

    • Wow! Thanks for your comments. I cannot wait to return to India. I will be posting my diary entries from India here. I hope you enjoy them and are able to learn something or see something new in this vast country! 🙂

  • These excerpts gave me the joy of seeing my country in a whole new light.
    Loving India a little more because of you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Awaiting more such content.

  • Always wanted to know a outsider’s perspective about India Thank you very much.Love your documentaries they are awesome

  • Hi Sommer.. Its like a proud privilege for we the people of India that you have found the country so amazing. And yes, in every corner of India, you find diversity in culture, food etc. which is just a bliss.
    I watch Backpack & go through your blogs.
    I just love the show for the way it chooses locations in India and broadcasts the real India.

    I also like travelling and exploring a lot and have travelled throughout all major places in India.
    Planning for my own small blog for my travels soon.
    Hope to see a lot more on your blog soon.
    Thanks a lot!!

  • Hi Sommer…its really refreshing to see you host the show, i really enjoy watching the show.India is really a country with vast diversity in culture, food, traditions etc which u must have really enjoyed.
    Do come back once more if you have not covered all of india,but ensure you come in another season when u can enjoy more.

  • Hi Sommer
    I love your documentaries especially Backpack. After your trip to India many solo traveler become a huge fan of your TV shows. Your blogs are hitting minds of youth to be a solo traveler. You did a great job.
    Please do come again to visit ” YOUR INDIA “.. Do remember its ” YOUR INDIA ”
    Indian Food is missing its TRUE DEVOTEE.
    Hope to see you very soon.

  • Very nice, yes India have very rich Heritage. Please explore South India Tamil Nadu in depth and mostly the temple and food. The most amazing and cultural value city Chennai will take you to understand their values.

    I love to show my Chennai and Tamil Nadu for your next visit to India.

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