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Welcome to my new section See Australia, this is a basic Australia travel guide to learn what you will need when planning to travel in Australia. In later posts I will share tips for backpackers, the most epic camp spots and of course the best travel hacks to get the most out of your time down under. Paul Hogan approved! (Ok, maybe not approved but I’m sure, being the Aussie icon he is, he would agree 😉

What you need to know

Australia is a vast and varied country When planning to travel Australia, plan to spend at least a month. When I say: ‘at least a month’, I really mean it! You need time to explore this vast country.

There are many incredible, mind-blowing places to see and activities to do, couple that with laid-back, super friendly locals and you won’t want to leave. Australia will capture you! People don’t realize that most maps are not exactly accurate and don’t realize how vast Australia is until they actually get here

Sydney Opera House Australia

Australia has the best surf, some of the best wine and the best weather in the world! I may be a little bias as I am a native!

Australia is a vast country, with most people living on the coast, there are some of the most beautiful coastal drives on earth so it’s advised to hire a car. Saying that, in most places, public transport, buses and trains are a cheap and convenient way to get around.

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Budget/Typical Costs :

Budget for at least $50 a day will cover you for food, drinking and transport (if not hiring a car.

A simple sandwich and a coffee will set you back about $20, and a smoothie can also cost between $10-$15. Food is dearer in Australia, even fast food, so budget a little more. Fine dining can range between $300-$1000 for 2 for dinner.

If on a shoe-string budget, it is recommended to have a few drinks before going out to dinner in Australia. Alcohol is very dear.

Tokyo has the reputation as being one of the dearest places on earth when in fact Sydney is much dearer. My Japanese friends constantly complain that we don’t have the all-you-can-drink bars like they have in Tokyo and Osaka (I will give you some great recommendations of these places in my Tokyo posts). My American friends complain about how Australia has no Happy Hour. Happy Hour in Australia is basically unheard of, whereas in America you can find $5 drinks and even dinner at chains like the Cheesecake Factory. There is nothing like this in Australia unfortunately.


Can vary greatly. Australia has great backpacker accommodation- check with Budget for about $20-$40 for a single person per night. Air BnB has some fantastic accommodation in Australia from budget to super luxe.

For more details on accommodation see the individual travel city guides.

red dirt and blue water Broome, Western Australia


Cultural tips:

DON’T LITTER!! Australia is one of the cleanest countries on earth! If you throw your rubbish you will not only look like a tool but you will get a hefty fine. Respect ladies and open doors: this should go without saying in any country or culture. Behave like a gentleman in Australia, If you take an Australian girl out she will expect this. Respect all cultures! Australia is a very multicultural and diverse country and it is considered ‘un-Australian’ if you do not respect all cultures.

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Very casual! Think bikinis and board shorts! This of course is not for everywhere, obviously Aussies don’t wear beach attire to the City but Australia is on par with California and Hawaii when it comes to casual dress. Pack a shirt/dress and dress shoes if you want to dine out, Australia has some of the best fine dining in the world.


Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you will need a visa to enter Australia. New Zealand passport holders can apply for a visa upon arrival in the country. All other passport holders must apply for a visa before leaving home. You can apply for a range of visas, including tourist visas and working holiday visas at an Australian Consulate. You can also apply for certain types of visas online.


With some of the best beaches and diving spots in the world, Australia offers world-class surf and a range of other water sports and activities. The beauty of Australia is that you can have the best day of your life and not spend $1 (at the beach) or you can learn to surf, sail or even hire a boat. Budget $100 + a day if you plan on scuba diving and doing other activities, or simply chill on the beach and enjoy the view!

Girl Beach Australia Eat Stay Live Travel Blog

Australia in a world: ‘G’Day Mate’ Australian’s are very welcoming of others, if you have not heard this colloquialism then you live on Mars, it’s slang for the English greeting: ‘Good Day Friend’.

I hope this Australia travel guide helps you plan for your trip to travel Australia. Don’t miss my posts later this week for individual city guides and discover where my favorite places to eat, stay and play while in Australia, my home.

Australian States my city guides will cover:

New South Wales      Victoria       Queensland         Western Australia           Tasmania        

Northern Territory

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