90 Days in India filming ‘Backpack’

Backpack India

I thought I had seen the world. I had traveled to more than 50 countries and walked through more than 100 cities in my 31 years. I didn’t know why I waited so long to travel to India. Backpack India had shown me that I had seen nothing. I knew nothing.

This thought may seem daunting  to some, not to me, to me this thought was comforting. I had previously thought the world to be a very small place. India had shown, a seasoned and experienced traveler, that the world was a huge place and we are incredibly small.

India has been the most varied and unique country I have visited. India feels like 10 countries already, and so far and I have barely even seen a few States.

This morning I was within arms reach of 2 male Asiatic Lions. No fence, no zoo just lions being wild and free. The feeling was unforgettable. In the past week I have lived on a house boat in Kerala and slept anchored next to a 9th century sculpture of Buddha, I watched elephants roaming wild in Kabini, cycled through lush green tea plantations, explored 7th century temples and visited the ashram where Gandhi once lived and led India to political independence.

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