Bucketlist Travel Worlds Most Beautiful Places

Positano Amalfi Coast Italy
Positano Amalfi Coast Italy

Bucketlist Travel: World’s Most Beautiful Places

I have collaborated the world’s most beautiful places that I have visited. They are on my travel bucketlist every year and should be on your travel bucketlist for 2017.

  1. Margaret River, Western Australia Australia –Indian Ocean, turquoise water, unspoiled nature, surf, great hikes and rock formations, easily one of the world’s most beautiful places. Home of the most beautiful beaches and wineries in the entire world. One of the cleanest places on the planet, nature untouched and at its true finest.
Margaret River Australia
Margaret River Australia

2 . Maldives and Lakshadweep- the Indian ocean once again comes in at top place. Turquoise water and powder white sand, need I say more? These places are both Paradise. The Indian Ocean offers beautiful pristine, clear waters and both of these places offer a relaxing resort-style accommodations where you can stay right on the water. They both offer a great cultural experience and food. Lakshadweep, the lesser known cousin of the Maldives is more affordable for those on a budget.

Maldives Bungalow over water, Indian Ocean
Maldives Bungalow over water, Indian Ocean

3. Kerala, India –Kerala in South India offers travelers of any taste, lots of variety, from tea plantations, Arabian sea and beach resorts and then to the scenic backwaters, with lush, green palm trees that line that waterways. You can be cycling through mountains and tea plantations in the morning and walking along the beach that evening. What more could you look for in a destination?

Houseboats backwaters Kerala India
Houseboats cruise down the palm-fringed backwaters of Kerala, India
Kerala Tea Plantation Cycle
Cycling through the Tea Plantations of Munnar, Kerala, India

4. Switzerland- There are beautiful mountains, clean air and ski-ing year-round. Jungfraujoch is not to be missed  UNESCO World Heritage listed mountain offers skiing and hiking, plus your guaranteed to see snow all year round. The lakes in Switzlerland are pristine and there is also the largest waterfall in the world here- Rhine Falls. Who doesn’t love a waterfall!?

Switzerland-quaint villages and Swiss Alps
Switzerland quaint villages and Swiss Alps

5. Queenstown, New Zealand –  Queenstown, (best visited in the Winter time during the ski season as its the prettiest then), is a quaint little town and really does look like a movie set. The NZ Southern Alps are stunning. After a days skiing or snowboarding enjoy the unspoiled views in a hot spring…AHHH….picturesque and relaxing!

Queenstown New Zealand
Queenstown New Zealand is so beautiful, its surreal, like a movie-set

6. Positano, Italy. Drive the Amalfi Coast and temp fate on the windy, roads of the Amalfi coast, breathtaking views and to discover the quant town of Positano. Situated right on the Amalfi, Positano offers beaches, cute cafes and a real taste of the Mediterranian. We went for a week and stayed for three… You will fall in love with Positano and trust me its very very hard to leave.

Out of all the destinations I have visited, I think these six places are the world’s most beautiful places. I hope you can visit each of these places once in your lifetime, all are highly recommended.

Have you visited any of these 6 World’s Most Beautiful Places. If not be sure you add them to your travel Bucklist for 2017.

There are many more places I have added to my travel bucketlist. I have visited these places above and recommend adding all of them to your travel bucketlist.

I’m always updating my list, constantly planning and dreaming about my next destination. As I’ve visited these above destinations check out my next post on my personal buckletlist travel for 2017.

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