Traveling China- What you need to know

china travel guide
Hua Guardian ,Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Travel China with confidence my china travel guide. Learn from my mistakes and prepare for your trip to China in advance. I have experience traveling through China and have had many misadventures and delays. My china travel guide will help you plan, budget, and discover what you need to know before planning your China trip.

Folk in the wall, Great Wall of China, China

Budget/Typical Costs :

Budget for at least $40 a day will cover you for food, drinking and transport. (if not hiring a drive or guide). Don’t hire a car for obvious communication reasons its just not worth it. A guide is not as expensive as in other countries, for the guide and the driver for the day it will cost you around $100 USD, which is fairly reasonable for an 6-8 hour day (it takes close to 4 hours to get to the Great Wall from the city) and if only visiting a few days is well worth it. If not taxis are inexpensive, however you might just be hard pressed for one to stop on the street if they do not speak English.

Food is not too dear in most of China. You can find good well-priced food in most cities in markets and on the street. A typical dish will set you back between $5-10 USD.

*If you are an adventurous eater, be careful when trying street snacks. I know of a lady who got sick eating a scorpion in China, you can read my post on why I think you shouldn’t try a scorpion in China.

Dong Hua Men Night Market Beijing, China


Can vary greatly, from cheap and social to super high-end luxe. Accommodation on the cheaper side starts at just $18. Hostels in China are a great way to meet people and a great way to get involved with group activities, most offer bike riding tours through Old Beijing and even courses on how to make dumplings.

Cultural tips:

The Chinese do not like to be touched, particularly by strangers. Do not hug, back slap or put an arm around someone’s shoulder.

Do not be offended if you are pushed and shoved in a line. In some circumstances, the Chinese do not practice the art of lining up and courtesy to strangers in public places is not required.

Don’t point! Pointing the index finger is considered rude. Use both hands when handing someone an object, such as a teacup, a gift, or a business card.

china travel guide
Great Wall of China: Locals are very friendly in Beijing


Jeans and a t-shirt will be fine. Most of China is pretty Western-ized in terms of fashion. In the Northern parts people are more traditional. It’s colder in the north and in winter time so pack a good north face or similar jacket.


Chinese Visas can be a little annoying. From most Western Countries you physically have to go into the Consulate to apply for the Visa. This takes some time so plan your China visa well in advance, at least a month before planning to embark!


Varied in China, some cities offer bike tours, which is a cheap inexpensive way to check out a city. Entry into monuments and tourist hot spots costs between $20-$20 USD. Budget at least $40 a day for activities.


Imperial guardian lion, Forbidden City, Beijing, China

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