How to Avoid Jet Lag: 8 Health Hacks For Travelers

If going in the sun wear a hat, sun stroke weakens the immune system making you more prone to catching bugs
If going in the sun wear a hat, sun stroke weakens the immune system making you more prone to catching bugs

How to Avoid Jet Lag: 8 Health Hacks For Travelers

I catch long haul flights often 20 + times a year. I have to admit I have always suffered jet lag and have always taken a week or so to get over it. Now, I have finally discovered the formula, how to avoid jet lag! Here below is my sure-fire formula way to how to avoid jet lag and stay healthy while traveling.

Long haul flights really do take their toll. My skin gets dry and flaky, my lips are practically falling off my face and feel sore and burnt, my eyes are blood shot and my hair is dry and brittle. That’s just the half of it. I feel like death warmed up, tired, cranky, bloated but oddly still hungry.

Lately, Ive been flying for work, a lot! This year I’ve crossed many time zones from Australia Asia to the USA to Europe.

I can finally say that I have worked out the magic formula…finally after all these years of travel!

How to Avoid Jet Lag

Here is the formula in 8 simple steps. I feel healthy and renewed and have ABSOLUTELY NO JET LAG

  1. Take probiotics. Take 1 capsule a day at least 3 weeks prior to traveling and every day while traveling. Go for at least 10 or 20 billion. The gut and the colon are important factors when it comes to health and immunity.

2. Boost your immunity with a vitamin b injection. This does just that boosts your immune system, while also giving you an energy boost. I will be posting a live clip of having a vitamin injection, to show how this is properly done, on my snap chat and on the DIY Beauty Lab channel on Youtube.

3. Don’t eat junk on the plane or other plane food. Opt for fruit and veg only. Don’t the pre-frozen bread or hot box food. Have a healthy meal once you arrive at your destination. Eating a leal at the right time at your new destination will assist with resetting your body clock. This will also help with post-flight bloat and constipation.

4. If going to a sunny destination, wear a hat. I once went out on a snorkling trip to Phi Phi islands in Thailand the day I arrived and I got sin stroke from not wearing a hat. The sun stroke turned in to full-blown flu and gastro! I was extremely sick the entire trip.  If I had worn a hat this would not have happened.

5. Wash hands with warm soap and water for at least 30 seconds. You may be laughing at this right now, but just yesterday I saw 2 ladies go to restroom (while I was at LAX washing and brushing my teeth) and come straight out and walk out! Argh! That is sickness waiting to happen. Gastro anyone?! Yuk!

6. Take care of your skin. Our largest organ, and a sign of our state of health. Many are often too excited or too busy to care for their skin once they arrive at a new destination. Take 10 minutes to give yourself a mini facial as soon as you arrive. You will look and feel better, trust me. This does not have to be costly. I launch my DIY Beauty Channel – DIY Beauty Lab next week. I will show you how to care for your skin for pennies.

7. Don’t drink alcohol on flights. This is sounds easier than what it is. Its tempting to have a pre-flight champagne and mid-flight cocktail. This was my travel routine, I recently discovered, through self experience this also causes jet lag.

8. Exercise when you arrive at your destination. I mean challenging exercise! Go for a run or do a class. Sweating it out actually helps your to reset your body clock. Swimming is a great way to stretch out the lumbar and also re-set the bosy!

Please leave comments below on you avoid jet lag and if this formula works for you. If you enjoyed this post on HOW TO AVOID JET LAG and STAY HEALTHY WHILE TRAVELING please share it below. STAY HEALTHY AND HAPPY!

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