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Aperol Spritz Italy
Afternoon Apertif in Venice Italy, Aperol Spritz

Italy is my personal favorite country in Europe to travel to. Famous for pizza, pasta, stunning beaches, beautiful people and fashion.

There is much more in Italy to discover, which is why I strongly recommend road-tripping in Italy. With my Italy travel tips and Italy series of travel guides you will enjoy every aspect of my favorite European destination.

Italy is a great country for travelers looking for an easy travel experience.

Learn a few basic words in Italian, or at very least learn how to order a coffee (see below) and you will blend in like a local. Look out for a few tourist traps, if there is an English set menu and you can see you are in a sea of tourists, you probably do not want to eat there.

Look for menus that are written in Italian, where Nonna still works in the kitchen. The best trattorias are always run by the family.  I feel this is where I find the best, most authentic food. Look for eateries with lots of locals- this rule is for all of Europe, not just for Italy,  actually, this goes for about just about every country. Look for off-the path eateries rather than the ones that the tourists frequent.

The best dining advice was from a taxi driver. Locals know best!

Dal Pescatore Canneto Sul Oglio Italy
Handmade by Nonna: Pumpkin Tortellini with Dal Pescatore, Canneto sull’Oglio, Italy

Here’s what you need to know before you go.


Budget/Typical Costs :

Budget for at least €30 about $32 USD or a day will cover you for food, drinking and transport. (if not hiring a car).

Pizza, is a simple convenient way to eat with most stores selling large slices for between €5 – €8 about $6-9 USD. Pizza is generally eaten at dinner time in Italy, but you can find pizza anytime of day.


Is generally a little dearer in touristy areas like Venice.

Last time in Venice we booked a room, slightly above budget for a balcony on the Grand Canal upon arrival we were escorted to a dingy room with absolutely no balcony. We booked through so were able to cancel. We ended up finding a great room for an even better price. Do a little research. Avoid hotels in Italy if you want an authentic experience, hotels sting you for a lot of incidentals and you can find lovely apartment-style places for a good price, plus you will feel more like a local.

Cultural tips:

Dress appropriately when visiting cathedrals, making sure you are not wearing strappy tops or short shorts and skirts. Its considered rude to walk around in skimpy clothes and bikinis, even in beach towns, so always have something appropriate to cover up. Don’t tip, yes that’s right unlike the USA, tipping is not a part of this culture there is no need to tip.


Italians are very easy going, and dress casually, but smart. Jeans and a T-shirt is fine for the day. For ladies, it’s imperative to wear clothing that is covered if planning to visit cathedrals and historically significant areas like Vatican City in Rome.


No visa required for Western countries and most European countries, Italy is a part of the EU and most are granted 90 days upon entry. Check with your country’s government travel advisory website for details on if you require any additional documents for travel to Italy.


Famous for museums and cathedrals. Most attractions and museums in Italy cost between 13-18 EUR to enter. Expect more if you’re hoping for a guide in places such as the Vatican or Colosseum. Wine tours will cost between 60-75 EUR. Take a road trip if it’s within your budget. I love driving in Italy and so will you!

Italy in a word: ‘Prego!’ Means: ‘You’re Welcome’ or ‘Please’. Used in a scenario, you walk into a restaurant the maître D will gesture you to sit down they will say ‘prego’, or if you say ‘thank-you’ the waiter will say ‘prego’.

Ordering a coffee: one coffee please;  ‘un caffè si prega’

Or If you are like me, and enjoy an afternoon aperativo, ordering two Aperol Spritz; due Aperol spritz’

It’s always good to share a cocktail or two with someone you love!

I hope you enjoyed this post on Italy travel tips. The most incredible destination in Italy, and one of the most paradisiacal places I have ever visited Positano is a must see on any trip to Italy.

Aperol Spritz Italy
Afternoon Apertif in Venice Italy, Aperol Spritz


Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Venice Italy


Positano - quaint and picturesque village on the amalfi coast
Positano – quaint and picturesque village on the amalfi coast


Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy
Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy


The Grand Canal Venice, Italy
The Grand Canal Venice, Italy




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