Street Food India

Indian Dessert Kulfi Ice Cream
Indian Kulfi Ice Cream

Street Food India

When I’m asked where the best food I have eaten in the world is, I respond very confidently. I have authority on the matter.

I have eaten in many 3 Michelin Star Restaurants.. when I say many, I’m talking 20+ across five countries, across Italy, the USA, France, Japan and the UK.

Now that the ‘credentials’ are out of the way, back to the question at hand:

When I’m asked where the best food I have eaten in the world is, without confidence, I always answer with an explanation:

‘Hands down Asia!’

I have eaten the very best with the best as I have shown. Asia trumps all of this. In particular India.

In fact the best Fine Dining Restaurant I have ever dined in is with an Indian Chef!!

The whole experience of eating in India is ethereal. Mixing food with your fingers is a feeling like no other. Many of my peers have turned their nose up when I have tucked into my rice and sambar with my fingers… I don’t care, they will never experience this feeling, a feeling of being connected and one of true bliss. Food tastes better eaten with fingers.


Street Food India:

Before I continue let me tell you a little personal story of my first experience eating with my hands:

One dark morning, before the chickens had even woken the sun, I was on a road trip through South India, very hungry and with a long drive ahead. In the distance, a light shone, as I got closer, a small cafe, it looked like it had chai. Just what I needed.

Not only were they making steaming hot, spicy chai, they were serving fresh idli with sambar and chutney. It was packed, it was still dark outside, I remember thinking, where did these people come from, are they on a road trip like me, or is this the time they eat breakfast everyday?

I can remember watching others eat and trying to copy them I was using only two fingers (rookie mistake)! Fast forward two months later, I was like a real Indian eating with all five fingers on my right hand, mixing and enjoying all the flavors the way they were intended to be eaten!

There is truly no greater experience than mixing all the accompaniments and curd with rice and dipping a finger into a tangy, chilli mango pickle as you go… Oh the food! My mouth is salivating from the memories!

If you have never experienced real Indian street food you have never lived. The senses are awakened, the scents, the sounds, the flavor profiles are other-worldly. They never ever keep the road side and street food until the next day like many other countries do.

Indian Breakfast of Idli sambar Badami, India

Traditional Indian Breakfast of Idli and Sambar, Badami India

In India its always fresh, hot and delicious. From the sticky sweet halva, freshly fried pakora, vada, the pani puri that explodes with flavor in your mouth (I like mine with a kind of chili water poured in) to the delicate momos, and the quickly and accurately pulled paratha… the list is endless. Now my mouth is not only watering, my tummy is rumbling!

Don’t even get me started on the cardamon, kulfi or the sweet condensed milk barfi laced with cashews. mmmmmm….

I’ve barely touched the surface here. You need to really go and see and eat everything for yourself. After filming an official doco I made a little clip myself on Indian Street Food for fun. Check it out (the monkey is super cute and drank the palm drink).

I think I literally spend my down-time in India looking for different foods and delicacies to try.

Read more adventures through India here in the: Dear India section on this blog

What’s your favorite Street Food? Let me know below. If you enjoyed this post on Street Food: India share this post below.


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  • Well the next time you visit INDIA , please find time to visit Odisha and try ” Dahi Bara Aloodum ” , it’s this rare combination of Potato curry with Doughnut shaped ” Vadas” In Curd and garnished with Onions slices . It’s heavenly and mouthwatering as I write .
    Following you on Quora , keep posting . It’s a delight !

  • You left me craving and salivating for panipoori.. In Ujjain, I had the fortune to relish panipoori with 12 different combination of water.. spicy, sweet, chilly, tangy and what not ..and most amazing paan kulfi ( betel leaf flavored ).

    Abhishek Verma

  • I thoroughly impressed with your presentation about all the places especially MY INDIA.
    I have aslo travelled to more than 25 countries, but the way you seen different parts of world is astonishing and i am travel addict.

  • For sweet dish, try gajar ka halwa (carrot halwa). It is my favourite. For snacks I like masala dosa. It is spicy, yummy and filling.

  • I’m pretty sure you went to Tirunelveli for that Tamil Nadu part, as that jelly-like sweet is made there. I absolutely love it 😀
    Also, those weren’t saucers, those were actually small metal bowls for snacks and stuff. Just so you know.

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