Travel with kids: Things to do in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo with Kids: Pepper always entertains
Tokyo with Kids: Pepper always entertains

Those with young children planning to travel Tokyo need not worry. Travel in Tokyo with kids can be a great adventure as Japan is extremely child-friendly. I would go as far as saying traveling with kids in Tokyo can be more fun than without. If you are like me and a big kid at heart then you can enjoy the following as well. Here are the best things to do when visiting Tokyo Japan for families.

When visiting Tokyo with Children many of the activities mentioned in the previous post are possible, however these activities below are tailored to traveling with kids in Tokyo.

Ghibli Museum:  A wonderful and whimsical museum from animator Miyazaki Hayao (who made films such as Ponyo and Spirited Away). I am obsessed with Miyazaki and all of his anime films. If you have not seen his film I highly recommend ALL of them. The film are not only great for children but adults can enjoy the eco and family themes. My two favorites are Ponyo and Kiki’s Delivery Service. My dogs names are even Ponyo and Kiki after the Ghibli movies.

Advanced purchases are highly recommended and can be done up to 3 months before your visit. I missed out on a second visit this last trip as the Ghibli Museum was closed for renovations.

Totoro greets: Ghibli Museum Tokyo Japan
Totoro greets: Ghibli Museum Tokyo Japan


Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation: There’s so much here – all with excellent English explanations – families should probably plan on a 3 or 4 hour visit. The exhibits target a range of ages with many of the them clearly intended for adults too. Lots of kid friendly fun. Asimo the walking robot has demonstrations a few times per day. Fune-no-Kagakukan station. Reviews. Closed most Tuesdays – check website for exceptions.

Tokyo travel with kids robots
Meeting Pepper: traveling Tokyo with kids can be more fun

Tokyo Disneyland’s sister park Tokyo DisneySea: is geared to older kids and adults never feels quite as busy. Disneyland gives you the typical Disney feel with lots of emphasis on Mickey, Minnie, and other characters. DisneySea is unique to Tokyo and has more rides and thrills to be enjoyed by all. I prefer Tokyo DisneySea to regular Disneyland. Definitely worth a visit for families visiting Tokyo.

*Insider Tip: Budget for the ‘fast-pass’ especially in peak seasons. You don’t want to spend the whole day standing in lines.

Yomiuriland- Tokyo

Tokyo’s largest amusement park is a great way to spend a day in Tokyo for kids of all ages and adults.  Just 25 minutes from Shinjuku, Yomiuriland is easily accessible by the subway. There is a pool in Summer and Illumintions (incredible light displays) in Winter to compliment 43 attractions year round attractions.

The best time to go is Sakura season where 1000 cherry blossom trees (sakura) bloom in the spring! A great way to see Yomiuriland’s cherry blossoms is via the gondolas for an aerial view or the trees and the park.

A hit attraction for kids of all ages is the river rafting attraction where you feel as if you have become a Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O (bowl of soba noodles).

There is a public bath adults can enjoy called Oka-no-Yu outside Yomiuriland.

Yomiuriland Sakura Tokyo Japan
Yomiuriland Sakura Tokyo Japan
Cherry Blossoms Sakura Tokyo Japan
Cherry Blossoms: Sakura Season is my favorite time in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Dome City

Good fun for kids in central Tokyo without making the trek to Disneyland. Tokyo Dome City even has a roller coaster running through it.

This is a pretty awesome place and highly recommended for kids 4 to 12. Kids can play-act their favorite careers with full uniforms and lots of real-world accessories. From dentist to cook, engineer to fireman (there are about 40 different careers in all). Everything is 2/3 life size. Book tickets at least a month in advance. Wednesdays are devoted to english-speaking events but any day will do as staff are friendly and helpful.

Tokyo Dome City Eat Stay Live Travel
Tokyo Dome City – a great place for kids young and old


I hope you enjoyed this post on traveling Tokyo with kids and things to do in Japan with children. These are just a few experiences, there are many more! Traveling Tokyo with kids can be a great adventure as Japan is extremely child-friendly.

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