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Diving in Gili Islands Indonesia
Diving in Gili Islands Indonesia

As I write this post I am in Budapest, Hungary,  planning my adventures for the day ahead and planning my 2016 travel plans, I’m working in studio hosting today so as soon as I finish this plan and post I’ll be out the door quick smart. Today’s adventures include a run around Margaret Island and a relaxing soak at Szechenyi Spa & Baths. These posts to follow.

I have  spent much of this week writing, thinking and doing a lot of pre-production work. I have been arranging my travel plans for the entire year. I have a busy year and a lot of work ahead so planning is essential.

Szechenyi Spa Baths Outdoor Pool
Szechenyi Spa Baths Outdoor Pool

This year I have big travel goals. I am traveling a lot for work (hosting and filming a new pilot for a travel series) and some for pleasure with friends and of course with Mike. We are very fortunate, Mike being a photographer and cinematographer, and me a host and travel writer, it certainly makes life easy and fun to work together.

I have started the year in Australia and Indonesia filming a documentary series ‘Incredible Islands: Animal Encounters’ (this is a working title). We are continuing filming that in June, that project will take me to a lot of different countries.

I have been in Los Angeles  this year, as I live there between traveling. My dogs will be joining me from Los Angeles to Budapest this week. Europe is incredibly dog friendly, I travel with my dogs frequently and I’m looking forward to having them here in Budapest and traveling with them through Europe.

I have been in four countries, six cities and on three Islands this year. There is a lot more to come…

Beginning of Route 66 Santa Monica Peer California Eat Stay Live Travel Blog
Santa Monica Pier California: Road Trip California Travel Plans 2016

I’m in Budapest for another two months as I am working here hosting a quiz show for an Australian network. I’m taking this opportunity to travel in Europe and see friends in Europe while here. I am using Budapest as a base for Europe, which has worked out well as its very central.

Venice Italy Eat Stay Live Travel Blog
Venice Canals Italy

Italy draws me back every year. I will be seeing Italy and Europe in a slightly different way, I will be road tripping with a few new additions – my dogs. This will be the first time I have been in Europe with my dogs.

Venice, Italy is only seven hours drive from Budapest and Slovenia and Trieste Italy are two places I will stop on the way. I have never been to Solvenia and I am looking forward to seeing Lake Bled in Slovenia. I love driving in Italy, its so convenient and fun, I especially love stopping off at the gas stations for snacks and espressos along the way. I also love that on the motor ways you can get up to 130KM.

Buzet, Croatia is also extremely close to Budapest (such a central city!!) I recently learned that Croatia is famous for Truffles, Buzet in particular,  and I adore truffles! I’m planning a truffle hunting expedition and a gourmet tour or Croatia. There are also some wineries and distilleries that I want to check out. The beauty of living in Budapest is that Croatia is only a few hours drive…incredible!

Prague, Czech Republic, is another great city very close to Budapest, and I have a childhood friend that lives there who recently had a child, I will visit her in Prague and enjoy the beautiful city that it is. I’m looking forward to doing some photopraphy in Prague. Ive only really become good at photography in the past couple of years, plus I have not visited Prague in years.

Greece- Santorini and Mykonos. I have not been to Greece for years. I will hopefully be collaborating with a close friend and blogger @fromgreecewithlove this year in Greece. My high school friends from Australia will be renting a Villa in Mykonos this year and I will join them for some time, I’m also planning to stay in Santorini for a little R&R.

In July I will be heading back the USA when my contact finishes here in Budapest from there I will be filming in the Caribbean, for ‘Incredible Islands: Animal Encounters’. I’ll be swimming with pigs and sharks (not at the same time). I’m sure you’ve seen the swimming pigs over the internet, they are wild and were left there, now they are very tame and swim with visitors to the Caribbean…cute! I love piggies!

I’m fulfilling a life-time goal to swim with sharks. Australian’s have a great fear of sharks. There are a few places in the world where the eco-system is balanced and you can swim with sharks (not great whites). This has been on my bucket-list for a long time now and I’m looking forward to doing this and hopefully raising some awareness.

It was absolutely futile for the decision to cull sharks- they publicly culled some small and most probably harmless tiger sharks when the attacks were from Great Whites. Its a placebo effect, show the public some slaughter and their minds will be put at rest! Despicable! I have spoken first hand with a shark attack victim and even they understand that they were unlucky and it  was an unfortunate mistake.

Diving Gili Islands Indonesia
Diving Gili Islands Indonesia

Moving on, I’m also looking forward to swimming with Whale Sharks this is also part of our filming. Whale Sharks are incredible majestic creatures and we are planning to film them in Western Australia, the Caribbean or the Philippines. This is seasonal, so we will follow their migratory pattern go where they are when we reach this stage in production.

Last, but certainly not least-Tonga. To interact with Humpback Whales. Another plan on our production schedule and another bucket-list adventure. I can’t wait to swim with Humpbacks! It’s been on my bucket-list forever!

Releasing a turtle at the hatchery on Gili T Indonesia Eat Stay Live Travel Blog
Releasing a turtle at the hatchery on Gili T Indonesia

I’m sure more countries and destinations will be added to this list, that is the nature of the business of working in TV and travel. It makes life more exciting! There will be many more adventures in the USA and Australia, this is our travel plan for 2016 and ‘penciled-in’ production plan for the year!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and learning about my travel plans and adventures for 2016. Please drop me a line and let me know if you plan to visit any of the above destinations. I would love to hear from you, always happy and keen to meet up and collaborate with other travelers and bloggers…who knows you may be part of our new travel series!

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Portofino Italy Eat Stay Live Travel Blog
Portofino Italy Eat Stay Live Travel Plans 2016 – I cant wait to swim here again!



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